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Kutchi Sheep Wool Shawl

Kutchi Sheep Wool Shawl

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Hand-woven traditional Kutch shawl, crafted by the Vankars ("the weavers") community of Bhujodi, with hand-dyed organic local sheep wool yarn (natural colours).


Ethnic styles express lifestyle. They are practiced by individuals whose heritage is rooted in community rather than land, and considered cultural property.

  • CRAFT TECHNIQUE:  Kutchi Weaving


    KUTCHI WEAVING: the Meghwal community from Rajasthan (India) migrated to Kutch (Gujarat, India), bringing with them the art of handloom weaving. Traditionally, weavers used hand spun yarn provided by Rabaris, a nomadic comunity of sheep and goat herders. Kutchi Weaving is known for its incorporation of distintive traditional motifs and natural colours in medium to heavy weight textiles. The beauty of Kutchi Weaving is the designing of woven motifs by hand much like an inlay tapestry.


    BHUJODI, now a popular Kutch weavers village, is base for the "Bhujodi Weavers Cooperative". This group of few enterprising weavers was created as a response to the market declination of 1960's (when artisans were forced to adapt to the larger markets demands and to look for non-local clients), bringing together all the local weavers. These Bhujodi's weavers, focus as much as possible, in keeping alive their traditions, in the use of natural dyeing, of natural yarn, etc; and institutions engage themselves in helping the weavers communities, the VANKARS, building sustainable businesses.



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