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Mano Etna, an Eth(n)ic Hand

Videos by Sylvain Liard

Mano Etna is as a platform to promote and support fair labour and practices, by showcasing handcrafted goods, stories and techniques from diverse ethnic communities around the world.

Mano Etna is the product of passions and ideas. Is a storyteller, a curator, an ethnologist, a collector, a dreamer, a nomad; it travels the globe in search of unique stories, treasures and beautiful memories.

The brand was launched in 2019 with an online store, but it was back in 2015 that the concept was born, while founder Diana Capitão was exploring and adventuring around India - with an artistic background and a keen interest in History and Travel, she had the wish of creating a lifestyle where she could share her expeditions and stories of her encounters with ethnic groups.

Mano Etna features sourced items discovered during interesting adventures abroad. It is an alive travel diary: each trip is a diary chapter; each chapter is a collection, it has a different ambiances, actors and curated handicrafts.

This new concept provides exclusive ethnic products in a sustainable manner, promotes the rare artistry found in ethnic groups, supports their local economy, and encourages consumers into a sustainable "slow lifestyle".

Mano Etna goes in search of the source, of the faceless artisans; learns with them; and "comes back" to share their skills, stories and tales.



Ethnic with Ethic + To see beyond the artifact

Mano Etna aims to preserve, promote and strengthen handmade crafts and their cultural practices within different ethnic groups. It shares the processes involved in the creation, supports a culture, a community and local environments.

Hand-crafting has its roots in the rural crafts of ancient civilizations, and many specific crafts have been practiced for centuries. A craft holds myths, legends, and faiths; these stories need desperately to be shared NOW!

Mano Etna sees beyond the artifact and encourages its users into a "slow-lifestyle" by supporting artisan sustainable crafted goods.

Mano Etna is committed to keep all the good practices and processes intact, humane, fair and ecologically balanced: ETHNIC with ETHIC!

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Diana Capitao

Bringing Mano Etna into life and into people's lives.

Diana Capitão was born in Portugal and has a background in Arts and a degree in Architecture. She has been living in different places around the world and during her travels, ethnic civilizations, arts stories, believes & myths, fascinate her,

The ancient and indigenous world has been inspiring Diana into alternatives ways of life, sustainability, and different forms of art using Nature as resource.

The passion for the study and discovery of other cultures, traditions and arts, makes her moving to India. It's here that, in 2015, she discovers ancient tribes, connects with artists and crafters, and falls in love with their tales, patterns and colours - she has then the vision of creating a lifestyle where she could share her travels and stories of her encounters : Mano Etna's first idea is born!

Now, back in Europe, apart from traveling around the world looking for new inspirations, ethnic groups and handicrafts for Mano Etna, Diana is also involved in architecture, design, art direction, sustainability, yoga and wellbeing projects.

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