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Kutch Rolling Pin

Kutch Rolling Pin

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This kitchen utensil is lacquered with kaleidoscopic designs of contrasting natural colours.

In the kitchen or on the dinning table this product is very convenient to handle either cooking or serving due to the insulating properties of wood. All the raw material is acquired from the nature, local surroundings and the tools are made by the craftsmen themselves.


Ethnic styles express lifestyle. They are practiced by individuals whose heritage is rooted in community rather than land, and considered cultural property.

  • CRAFT TECHNIQUE: Lacquer Work


    THE VADHAS are a semi-nomadic community that moved throughout Kutch (Gujarat, India). They collected natural stones and colors from forests and created lacquer goods.


    LAC is taken from insect resin and has been used in Indian crafts for centuries. In this craft the Lac is coloured (traditionally with vegetable dyes) and then applied to the wood, by turning a lathe manually and generating heat. The wood used for the handicrafts is the local Kutchi Babool wood.



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