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Camel Wool Weaving

By choosing camel milk, wool or paper, we are helping the Raika, keeping the rural community employed,

the camels relevant and the Nature sustainable!


The Raika, a pastoralist and semi-nomadic community of Rajasthan (India), has been herding camels for centuries. The camels represent what many people associates with this colourful state, represent the desert, and they are essential to pastoralists once they can survive the heat, require little water, and offer milk and hair in return.

Traditionally, the Raika communities and farmers are linked economically and socially: when the herder takes his animals on a long trek, he often has to cross farmlands - here, the pastoralists provide the farmer with good fertilizer and fresh milk from the camel, and the farmer provides, in return, with food to the pastoralist. Since the herder’s route seldom changed, an association was formed between the two, which could last generations.

In our days, many farmers don’t allow herders on their lands fearing they will destroy the fields or the camels will eat their crops.