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Rajasthani Juttis

Rajasthani Juttis

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These great shoes are not only spectacular looking but they are also surprisingly comfortable! They are made in the state of Rajasthan (India) by the Mochi community, handcrafted with 100% leathers and cotton & silk embroidery designs of wonderful colours.


Ethnic styles express lifestyle. They are practiced by individuals whose heritage is rooted in community rather than land, and considered cultural property.

  • CRAFT TECHNIQUE: Leather Work (in Rajasthan)


    MOCHI derives from the Sanskrit mochika, meaning a "cobbler"; traditionally, the Mochi was the cobbler and shoemaker in India.


    JUTTIS are a kind of footwear traditional in Rajasthan made from locally cured leather. They are very well known for the quality of workmanship and the variety and richness of design. They are entirely handcrafted and are measured with the fingers! Men work the leather and women use theirs embroidery skills to decorate the upper portion of the Jutti.

    There is no difference between the right and the left foot once the Juttis takes very easily the shape of the wearer's foot.



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