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Rabari Chopad Game

Rabari Chopad Game

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This game of Chopad, which origin dates back to the VI century, has been embroidered by the Rabari communities from the Kutch region in Guajarat (India) along with Kala Raksha organisation.

This is a game for 2-4 players. There are four playing pieces of different colours and six cowries to play with. It also contains one know how booklet to help you play the game. Lets play!


Ethnic styles express lifestyle. They are practiced by individuals whose heritage is rooted in community rather than land, and considered cultural property.

  • CRAFT TECHNIQUE: Kutch Embroidery (Rabari)


    THE CHOPAD BOARD is made with the unique Rabari nomad tribes’ hand-embroidery, famous for the usage of Shisha mirror-work with the traditional square-chain stiches. The Chopad pieces are supari (betel-nut) covered in crochet with a mirror at the bottom.


    RABARIS also have a vast repertoire of lesser-known style: from delicate back stitching to playful applique work. Every motif is named and has a particular significance. Rabari women draw upon these resources to depict their changing life and tradition.


    KALA RAKSHA is a grassroots social enterprise committed to documenting and promoting existing traditions of art and craft of Kutch region in north Gujarat, India. The trust maintains a collection of heirloom textiles that functions as a resource base for artisans to study and create exquisite contemporary work.



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