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Prajapati Dhurry - large

Prajapati Dhurry - large

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Camel wool and coconut fibre dhurries (rugs) can do more than just warm up the floors of your interiors; they can be a cultural statement as well. They are light in weight, and easy to maintain.

Made of pure camel wool yarn and coconut yarn, this dhurry is hand woven by a 42 families community of weavers.


Ethnic styles express lifestyle. They are practiced by individuals whose heritage is rooted in community rather than land, and considered cultural property.

  • CRAFT TECHNIQUE: Dhurries (rugs) are weaved on village looms in vibrant designs and motifs. The simplest is in single color with contrasting borders and the more complicated one 5 bore geometric patterns animal’s designs or floral designs in a mix of contrasting colour. There are mainly two types of threads used: one performs as a main base and the other is of different color to provide appropriate design.


    PUKHRAJ DURRY UDHYOG: is a dhurries maker, organized by a community of 42 families of weavers, the Prajapati cast. They are established in Salawas village (western Rajasthan, India). Back in time there were 200 families weaving...The Prajapatis been weaving dhurries in Salawas from generation to generation and they continue to follow the traditional methods of dhurry.




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